Briar Hall

A high-powered CEO refuses to honor her deceased parents’ will requiring her to live in the family home. Once she crosses the threshold of the dilapidated ruin, she is forced to confront the ghosts of Briar Hall. Will she move in or move on?

THE PLAYERS THEATRE COMMITTEE will present our inaugural Playwrights Take the Stage event, featuring member playwright Pamela Danforth Yaco’s Briar Hall.

NOVEMBER 30, 2018 @ 7:00 PM  At The Players in Gramercy Park, NYC

Directed by: Nichole Donjé

Featuring Cast: Katie Braden, Joscelyne Wilmouth, Dale Duko, Ruth NerkenThomas Anawalt, and Roberto Alexander

BRIAR HALL Midtwon Poster with cast and caption.jpg

Between Heaven and Hell-The Trial of William Blake

In the year 1803, poet and artist William Blake is arrested for treason. The sentence is death by hanging and his defense lies in the hands of an attorney who thinks he is insane.  Blake has only the testimony of his two best confidants, the deceased John Milton and the divine Mother Mary to save him from hanging.


The Burning of Botticelli

Botticelli, the famed Renaissance painter, flourishes in Florence as a favored son of the Medici family, but soon falls under the spell of the mad monk, Giralamo Savonarola, and descends into poverty and despair after he watches Savonarola hang and burn at the stake for heresy in 1498.

Isola Femmina

Three women from different eras are sent to a mythical island where they face charges for their alleged crimes. The women have a choice- the death penalty or drink the Passa Violet which will remove all passion forever. Using their bodies and brains, they form a tentative alliance and hatch a daring scheme to overthrow the status quo and tip the scale of justice in their direction. But this island is not like any other, nor are the men, they find there. In fact, it might just be paradise.