Immortal Alchemy

Immortal Alchemy is the first book in a Young Adult fantasy series about Zofi Valentine, a strong-minded mystic, and Alexander Dandelyon, a young alchemist. 

When seventeen-year-old Zofi performs a love charm, she didn’t expect it to actually work and somehow magically produce her true love. But something peculiar occurred and she found herself catapulted into a world of secret alchemists in search of the Elixir of Immortality, the elusive formula to prevent death.  Now she must navigate the plague-ridden streets of 1603 London where she meets Alexander, who helps her discover a startling secret destined to change her life and everyone’s around her. But what happens next could not be foretold by any charm, when they realize their lives are now and forever in danger. They will need their wits and all their love to survive when a wicked alchemist tries to stop them from creating the Elixir first.

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Immortal Alchemy Book Trailer Executive Producer Pamela Yaco, Director Frank. S. Petrilli, and Alliance Video and Post.

Owen Greenley and the Cape of Leaves

Middle Grade Fantasy Novel

Catapulted through a magical portal, twelve-year-old Owen Greenley gets his wish to return to Landafora, the place of his birth. Once there, he is called to liberate the people from the cruel grip of an evil warlord named Bogblud. After a good deed, he is given the legendary treasure - the enchanted Cape of Leaves to defeat his enemy. As soon as he places the Cape over his shoulders to battle Bogblud, strange things begin to happen- if only he knew how to use it without getting killed.


The Arms of Amsterdam

Historical Market

A 17th century Dutchman yanked away from position and artistic refinement is pitted against a ruthless governor in the wilderness of the New World and courageously defends those free-spirited people whose visions later sweep over the course of history.