I'm honored to have received first place in the Poetry Kit 2018 competition for my poem, Siberian Slumber. I currently have the honor to be working with Glenna Luschei in her Master Poetry Class. Her new book, Late Life Love in the Great Dismal Swamp is a treasure.


Remembering was dangerous after the funeral

I preferred the sand spiked winds of winter

The cold grey curls on the bay


I walked along the water’s edge

Where volcanic core jutted

Black cypress chapels erupted out of quick sand

Water bubbled with spawning sharks

Tides teased abandoned eggs and stripped clam shells


In defense, I counted

One legged gulls

Searching for forbidden mollusks in frothing red tides

The shells of devoured crab

Left to crisp in next year’s sun

Withered bulbs of kelp uprooted from deep sea beds

Tangles of fishing line, like clumps of hair

Bobbers, red and white, tethered for life


Between bay and land death tracked me down

Hobbled my path with memories

More potent than white scorpions sliding down dunes

More stinging than the chain of jelly fish

Lacing around my feet.



Published Skidrow Penthouse/Summer 2000



The Garden

Child, here lies the garden of my delight, where the feathered sup

Regard a sweet violet, a towering lily, a lacy fern

Trailing ivy adorns the wall with mortar lost and missing stone


Come wander here as I have done among the bee and flower cup

where I pulled the dandelion, and laid a buttery crown upon your hair

and once confessed on my knees in worried prayer 


Like a garden passing from the pink blush to bounty

accept my life's close as we do the seasons of the rose

and turn the errors of my past under the beauteous rot

of falling leaves and drifts of snow


Fear not, the rose’s dark beauty can be seen beneath frosted ice

I’ve left you a garden in hopes you will find the eternal there

And remember when our blessed days were once spent in paradise


Published Hands of Creation, Beacon Art Show 11, 2018